Why stuffed animals are important

Stuffed Animals Help Build Creativity

In early childhood stuffed animals can create a magical world of make believe. Pretend play brings toys to life and enhances a child's imagination. An attachment to stuffed animals and toys can last a lifetime. Children express their emotions through pretend play. Often this tactic is used during an interview process of child involving sensitive subjects. Child often model how they feel through stuffed animals. 

Stuffed animals help children develop interpersonal skills

When children are learning to verbally communicate, stuffed animals can serve as a friend in which the child talks to and cares for. Whether he or she is playing tea time or hide n seek. We at Plushie Pal Factory encourage children to build their creativity thought our stuffable animals. Our unstuffed animals can help a child's  social and verbal skills. Dressing our pals can also improve a child's motor skills. Plushie Pal Factory has a wide variety of clothing to choose from.