A Kid's Entrepreneurs Market Fundraiser

“A Kids Entrepreneurs Market” is a vendor event for children ages 5-17 who aspire to, or currently have, their own businesses. The purpose of these markets is to teach our youth how to interact with customers face to face and learn social skills, receiving & returning money, learning how to operate electronic payment methods, building their confidence and letting them showcase the things they are most passionate about. Our markets are child led and the grownups are there to observe and show support. You can expect to find a variety of products as each booth is different. Such as baked goods, specialty drinks, gourmet snacks, jewelry, drawings, paintings and many custom arts & crafts.

We are launching this fundraiser as an opportunity to support our future business men & women in a fun way! We get to use the money towards future events, giveaways for customers and the entrepreneurs for their hard work! And you all get a precious custom souvenir in return!

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