Plushie Pal Factory brings the magic of creating your very own furry friend to you! Through our unique Stuff-A-Mascot workshop kits your school or organization can plan an unforgettable event!

School Mascot Fundraiser - Create Your Own Mascot!

Plan a School Mascot Event Fundraiser where participants can create their own school mascot with Plushie Pal Factory Unstuffed Animals.

Whether your school's mascot is the Bulldogs, Dolphins, Huskies, Cardinals, Sharks, Wildcats, or even the Crawfishes!!  We have you covered. Choose your mascot and organize a "create your own mascot" event.

Even if we don't have your exact mascot, we can provide custom printed t-shirts featuring your school name/logo or mascot. These shirts can be worn by any stuffed animal of your choice.

Get your supplies from us and keep the profits from your sales.

We ship all over the US

Bring our kits to your school and earn BIG BUCKS $$$

Can't find your mascot? No worries! Many of our furry friends are exclusive for special pricing. We have 100's of plush animals! Let us find the best fit for you!

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